Saturday, September 19, 2009

marinkel - expressing emotional states

"welcome to my world.

my work reflects my search of expressing emotional states, capturing time, reflecting beauty. but sometimes i just love the colors that appear on my screen. i therefore often turn the camera onto myself. i am my best model in what i like to tell.

the places matter too. often i am alone in a room. i also love to take trips to abandoned places, castles and the like. i am fascinated by architecture and how it reflects the passing of time and taste. how decay has her own personality and her own will of creation." -


Teneisha a.k.a 10eisha said...

I think her work is just beautiful.

marinkel said...

thank you so much for sharing my work in your blog, i feel honored...


Teneisha a.k.a 10eisha said...

No problem! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!