Friday, August 21, 2009

Etsy Inspiration for the Weekend

Click image to see a larger preview.

  1. Yellow and Teal Headband
  2. Black Bear Painting
  3. Wooden Planter
  4. Bridal Skirt
  5. Teal & Poppy Necklace
  6. Skunk n' Pickle Print
  7. Orange Poppy Earrings
  8. knitted baby hat
  9. Yellow Planet Earrings
  10. Raspberry Chandelier
  11. Fire Ring
  12. Three Ring Painting
  13. Giraffe Mustache
  14. Teal Apples
  15. Little Family Illustration
  16. Steam Punk Hat


Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for including my necklace in your blog!!!

Sora Designs said...

Thank you for featuring my poppy earrings.

Teneisha a.k.a 10eisha said...

well thank you guys for coming over and commenting!

designs by bonzie said...

Taneisha, Thanks ever so much for featuring our work in such an awesome collection of designers. ;)


~cori said...

what a wonderful poster! thank you... c