Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jason de Caires Taylor - Underwater Sculpture Museum

"Creator of the world’s first underwater sculpture park, Jason de Caires Taylor has gained international recognition for his unique work. His sculptures highlight ecological processes whilst exploring the intricate relationships between modern art and the environment. By using sculptures to create artificial reefs, the artist’s interventions promote hope and recovery, and underline our need to understand and protect the natural world."

I find this artists work completely creepy and thought provoking. My thoughts mostly surround the idea that one day when the world has "started over" in some sense, there will be new life that finds this underwater sculpture museum and will wonder...who, what, where, why? I think it also feels a bit creepy because the ocean is already a pretty scary place to swim around in. Can you imagine accidentally coming up to a bunch of what looks like dead bodies lying on the ocean floor! Its all very beautifully grotesque.

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