Thursday, August 23, 2007

How Can I recycle This? (And other rad green sites)

How can I recycle this? An awesome website that shows you neat/cool/useful/funny etc. ways of recycling/re-using things that you cannot necessarily put in the bin on your sidewalk. Pretty random things like:

Un-drinkable red-wine (use it as a window cleaner!)
broken coffee mugs (smash them into fine bits and mix it in with your garden!!)

and Potato chip bags (you can make shrinky dinks!)

World Watch:

A good Eco world news site focusing on "people, nature, economy, and energy"


A huge site with things like "waste of packaging awards", cool green product updates, new, movements etc.

And My favorite green blog, Sew Green:

Multiple contributors with great ideas and directions on how to make your own cleaners, detergents, soap, clothes, reusable thick grocery bags out of flimsy bags you get from the store (that one was my favourite! - all you do is fuse them together which is just a fancy word for iron/melt them together between wax paper and then sew them up!)

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